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Welcome to Peaceful Spirit Massage & Wellness Centers!
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We are Tucson's leader in providing massage therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic care, life coaching, stress management programs, bodywork, and so much more!

All Peaceful Spirit practitioners are licensed by the State of Arizona and carry professional liability insurance. The massage therapists are trained in classic Swedish based relaxation massage and deep specific massage techniques. Please contact our client coordinators to assist you in finding the right therapist or practitioner to meet your needs.

Staff Massage Therapists:

 Sara LMT, graduated from Arizona School of Massage Therapy in May, 2004 and Utah College of Massage Therapy's Master Body-worker program in August, 2004. Massage therapy allows her to blend her spirit of community service with her interest in helping others heal.  Sara has been studying with a Shaman for over 15 years. She has found the experience to be a tremendous asset to her work. In addition to being a Reiki Master, Sara is trained in Cranio-Sacral therapy, deep tissue massage, and shamanic healing. In 2009, Sara added Chi Nei Tsang (Chinese Vital Organ Therapy) to her list of treatments provided. Chi Nei Tsang is very effective for many conditions, including digestion issues, reproductive problems, and low back pain. Whether you need help with muscle injuries, pain management, or exploring how to be more connected with your spirit, Sara can help. She works full time at our Country Club Rd. location. She is a Master Level therapist. 

 Karian LMT, joined our team straight out of massage school and quickly became one of our most popular therapists (her clients describe her massages as "fabulous").  As part of her basic massage education she also became a certified chiropractic assistant. Karian has a strong belief that maintaining health and wellness is a deeply personal adventure in which each individual can thrive. She approaches massage as a health practice to achieve a valuable quality of life. Karian can work with people experiencing muscle soreness, joint discomfort, and scar tissue restrictions (which helps to regain functionality in movement). Karian has completed a lot of continuing education: Connective Tissue Release Techniques for Head & Neck, a Managing Migraines class, a series on Releasing Nerve Entrapment, our Advanced Deep Tissue Massage class, and finally, Intro to Reflexology!
She is an Experienced Level Therapist.

 Elizabeth LMT, joined our team the summer of 2016. She recently relocated to Tucson from Ohio. She has a musical background and like many young artists chose to pursue a career that affords them creativity and a much steadier paycheck. Elizabeth's energy is super positive and she excels in the "science of massage" ... really getting to understand what the client's goals are for the session and creating an effective treatment for them.  She has  completed our Advanced Deep Tissue Massage and Intro to Reflexology classes.  She is well balanced and humble and looking forward to growing within our company. She is an Experienced Level Therapist.

 Benita LMT’s style is deeply relaxing while working deeper into muscles to improve movement, release spasms and give pain relief.  She has completed level one  Cranio Sacral Therapy and Kinesio Taping.  In the future she plans to add reflexology and deepen her knowledge and techniques with sports massage. Benita says she loves giving massage because it never feels like work! Benita is on medical leave until 2/1/18. She is an Experienced Level Therapist.

 Bethany LMT, became a massage therapist in 2015. She chose this career because of the impact therapeutic massage has had on her father's chronic low back pain. She enjoys sports massage because it helps clients improve their range of motion and the active stretching eases muscle tension. In addition, she helps a lot of our older clients to stay active and moving with ease. Bethany has tremendous compassion for veterans as her dad was a paratrooper in the army. She understands the huge value of massage therapy for our veterans and encourages them to learn about the benefits. Recently, Bethany completed continuing education classes on Intro to Reflexology and Intro to Russian Sports Massage. She is an Experienced Level Therapist.

Barbara, LMT will be joining Team PS ion 1/17/18. We are excited to have this 20+ year massage veteran join our team. She recently relocated from Colorado and said that Peaceful Spirit is the place for her to practice. Awe, shucks, thanks Barabara. She has spent her career working as a chiropractic assistant, an SRI (Somato Respiratory Integration) Wellness educator and massaga therapist. Her style is slow and connected and feels that even when doing very specific, corrective therapy one should feel and become deeply relaxed. She will be in the "Experienced Level" therapist category until her promotion eligibility to Master level until after her 90 day trial on the team. 

Fain LMT, joined us in 2016. Her education background is in art history, has she been teaching art for many years and is a world traveler, too! Her great life experience makes her a very well-balanced therapist. She went above and beyond during her education where she did an externship with local licensed massage therapists to get extra clinical education. By doing this she has become extremely proficient in helping people with specific pain or injuries. Her artistic background helps her to be sensitive while helping those who just need to de-stress!  She has completed our Advanced Deep Tissue Massage and Intro to Reflexology classes. And, she has completed her Thai Massage certification, too! She is an Experienced Level Therapist.

Lance LMT, chose a career in massage therapy after a great career in accounting and then helping to manage the family business. Lance is a kind and sensitive practitioner who really listens to you and your body effectively. He has a solid, confident touch and approach to the body. Alternative healing practices have been a large part of Lance's personal growth and healing path.  With the excitement of his personal growth he decided to become a practitioner himself with an intent to help others heal and grow and reclaim their health.  He is a Debuting Level Therapist. 

 Jesse LMT, graduated from massage school in 2004! He has a strong history in sports massage, focused injury work and of course, general relaxation, too. He joined the PS team in November. Welcome Jesse! He is currently an Experienced Level Therapist, promotion expected early 2018.

Orlando, LMT Graduated from massage school in Chicago in 2004 and has recently relocated to Tucson. Orlando has spent his career working in a hosiptal and chiropractic practice performing corrective soft tissue therapy. His continuing eduation has a strong focus in myofascial release and structural integration. This is not to say that he cannot perform a great relaxing massage as well, but if you have an injury or need corrective work then consider a session with Orlando. Currently, he is an Experienced Level therapist. Promotion expected in 2018!

 Raul LMT, joined us in the summer of 2017, shortly after he received his professional license. He began this journey because he is very interested in the natural approach to healing and wellness. Raul is currently working on his sports and medical  certifications.  He says, "There is so much to learn in the field of massage therapy and you can always expand your horizons. I enjoy doing more vigorous and specific work for that pain that doesn't go away.  I love being able to do what I do with my hands , it's a true miracle. Raul is available by appointment only until January 2018. 
He is a Debuting Level Therapist.

 Ray LMT, completed his 1000+ hour training program in 2010. Before becoming a massage therapist, Ray was a custom cabinet maker and custom-designed wood furnishings expert for more than 20 years. He has a sensitive approach to doing deep specific work that allows the muscles to release without force. Many clients have found Ray's approach to be very beneficial for correcting their long term pain issues. Most recently Ray has completed three levels of medical massage training, including treatments for headaches, neck pain, shoulder girdle pain, sciatica and low back pain protocols. Ray is available full time at our Country Club Rd location only. Ray is available Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, weekly. He is an Experienced Level therapist. 

 Breanna LMT, joined our team in June of 2014. She began her "helping people" career in 2002 as a certified psych tech. She worked in a psychiatric hospital for several years and then decided to become a certified medical assistant, which she did for seven years. Realizing that she wanted to be more hands-on and involved with people trying to get healthy she chose to practice massage therapy. Her strong medical background makes her a great addition to our team. Breanna also really enjoys working with expectant moms and completed a course on Prenatal massage her feelings: "Prenatal massage is a beautiful thing". As a mom of two, Breanna knows firsthand what it is like to want to get your body back after having babies, too. She enjoys inspiring and helping women figure out how to get back in shape after childbirth! Currently Breanna is in nursing school so she is working strictly by appointment. She is an Experienced Level Therapist.