Peaceful Spirit Client Testimonials


I just wanted to let you know that I used my free massage coupon from Peaceful Spirit Massage that I won at your Gratitude Gathering. I must say, I think it was the best massage I've ever had! They took almost two hours with me, talking about my health & medical issues, aches & pains beforehand, and tension & relief afterward. They DID NOT treat me like a freebie client! They even sent me a thank you card in the mail. It was all very enjoyable, thank you. You really know your Tucson businesses, that's a great one! 

Have a Merry Christmas! 
Tiffany B

My name is Holly. I purchased a Groupon for acupuncture face lift from Alice Adams at Peaceful Spirit. Not knowing what to expect, I was a little nervous and very curious. How can acupuncture give the results of a facelift that costs thousands of dollars? 

Alice's room was comfy and warm. Alice first discussed the process of acupuncture with me. Her kindness and attentiveness put me at ease. The massage table has a heater and was warm and inviting. She was extremely gentle as inserted the needles. A sense of calm and peace washed over me as more needles were placed. She turned on soft music and left the room. The needles stayed in for 20 minutes. During this time I felt a sense of relaxation I don't remember ever experiencing. At the end, I received a nurturing mini facial.

After 5 sessions with Alice I could see a marked difference. The lines in my face were diminished and my skin sparkled. I am 100 % satisfied with the results. Added bonuses were the sense of peace and calm I felt all day long as well as being able to call Alice my friend. 


Based on a recommendation I decided to try Peaceful Spirit for my Mind and Body work. 
So let’s start from the beginning I’m a 47 year old male, 6’1”, about 170 lbs from the Midwest born with a medical condition called a pextus excavatum. Basically this is a condition where the chest wall is concave. I had surgery at the age of 24 to correct this problem; they broke 8 of my ribs and cracked my sternum in two places. A metal bar was placed temporally in my chest to help it heal. Six months later the bar was removed. During the last 6 or 7 years my chest wall has become what can best be described as flail chest-like, meaning that my ribs and sternum don’t work together, they work separately. This causes such issues as problems sleeping on my side, cramping in the chest wall, ribs moving around, poor oxygenation and what not. Over the years I developed very bad Gastroesophogeal Reflux Disease (GERD or acid reflux) so I was put on acid blockers for life, or so I was told. A little over a year ago I developed a hiatal hernia. I have been dealing with high cholesterol for many years and within the last 3 or 4 years my blood sugar has been climbing to high levels. 

Up until about 3 years ago the past 35 years or so I have lived a very toxic life style; drinking alcohol, smoking, living almost exclusively off the three major food groups Burger King, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell. I also supplemented with processed foods of all kinds, pizza with extra cheese, white bread, more white bread, fried chicken, as much chocolate and ice cream as I could get my hands and then washing it all down with gallons of milk and soda pop. I would eat because I was happy, I would eat because I was sad, I would eat because I was board, I would eat just because I enjoyed the taste so why not eat some more. Although I did forget to mention one thing, I did not eat any fruits or vegetables. Now let’s throw in a lot of stress from work and life, add a bunch of being very hard on myself for every little thing I thought I did wrong and there you have it, me at 47. Don’t get me wrong I had a great time and many wonderful memories. 

But it was time for a change. 

Since moving to Tucson I have started a mind and body rebuilding process eating whole foods, organic foods, vegetables and fruit. The funny thing is to my surprise vegetables taste really good. Through recommendations I have seen several different practitioners here in Tucson every one of them I would recommend highly, they do incredible work and are very gifted. 

However, the most life changing experience came through a recommendation to Peaceful Spirit. I was researching on the Peaceful Spirit web site which detailed visceral massage. Well, that seemed to be the perfect fit for all my stomach conditions so I called and made an appointment right away. Over the months that followed through visceral massage, cranio-sacral work, cerebral cortex work, diet change and some natural supplements, the reflux is under control with no medication. The hiatal hernia seems to be less of a problem. I have discovered or rediscovered to put it correctly my inner peace and we have reopened doors that must have been closed for a very long time. 

With the other issues under control we have started to focus the work on my chest and I have started to see many positive changes. The main thing to remember with any of this kind of work is to open up to it, believe in yourself and listen to your body. Your body knows what it needs. We may wander off the path at times but stay true to your mind and body and it will help guide you to the right path. 

Mara, Thank you for creating such a wonderful place to heal. 

Peaceful Spirit’s web address: www.TheBestMassageInTucson.com should be changed to: www.TheBestMassageInTheUSA.com because I've had massages all over and yours is the best. My only compliant is: I can't go weekly. 

Nicci K 

To Whom It May Concern: 
I am writing to let you know what great Licensed Massage Therapists you have working for you. I have been seeing Jeff for an injury that I sustained almost 10 years ago while I was enlisted in the Navy. The doctors said that I would never recover and that I would get worse as I got older. I started to see Jeff as my only alternative to "Traction" as I knew that procedure to be extremely painful. My injury was indeed getting better and I found that I could do more and move better. Then I was in a pretty extreme car accident. My mother suggested that I go see Jeff again, since my physical therapist couldn't fit me in. In addition to that, she wanted to come with me. Therefore, I saw Jeff and my mother saw Sara. Jeff and I worked on the injury that the car accident made much worse and showed me the exercises he wanted me to do to help the muscle spasms decrease. Sara gave my mother two tennis balls to put in a sock to help alleviate her neck pain due to fibromyalgia. 

Finally, my physical therapist had an opening and I went to see him. I told him of the exercises Jeff had me do, and the Tennis balls that Sara had my mom do. The physical therapist pulled out the exercise regiment that he had planned for me and all of the exercises that Jeff suggested were on there. Then the physical therapist pulled out a sock that had two tennis balls in it. He said, "Your massage therapists are very smart!" Additionally, because of Jeff's exercises, he said that I am better than he expected I would be given the severity of the accident. Thank you, Peaceful Spirit for having Licensed Massage Therapists that look out for our body, mind, and spirit! 

Aida H.