Qi Gong and Tai Chi Classes
Qi Gong Classes with Alice Adams, R.N., M.Ac.

Practicing the Art of Qi Gong By: Alice Adams, R.N., M.Ac. Qi Gong (or Chi Kung) is an ancient healing philosophy dating back 2,500+ years. With simple body movements lead by our breathing we are able to cleanse, and enliven our life force energy. In Chinese medicine, martial arts and some Eastern meditative practices this life force energy is referred to as qi or chi. Our qi is effected by many things - personal habits like choices or quality of the food and beverages we consume, our patterns of sleep and rest, and our choices of physical, mental/emotional and spiritual �exercise�. In order to enjoy optimal health we must care for and nourish our life force energy. When we engage in activities which decrease or eliminate stress , our joy and contentment can increase and the healthier we become! When we practice qi gong we connect with the beauty and energy of the natural world all around us, and all areas of our being are effected in a positive way. There are many different qi gong forms and anyone can learn to do qi gong and no prior level of fitness is required, (there is even seated qi gong). Please join us Tuesday mornings.  @ La Madera Park Treat St. (1 blk. North of Glenn St.)  Times vary by season, please call for current meeting time:  520-320-1953 to register Classes are $10. individually or $80. for 10 classes

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