Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine
Traditional Chinese Medicine encompasses Asian bodywork, acupuncture, lifestyle management, and herbology. The Five-Element Theory is based on observation of natural phenomena (seasons, colors, tastes, etc.) and how they affect every aspect of the individual. Health and well being depend on balancing the Five Elements and in the smooth flow of Qi (energy) along meridians (energy pathways) throughout the body. Benefits of Asian bodywork and acupuncture include pain relief, improved flexibility, increased energy, smoother digestion, soothed nerves, and enhanced immune system function. Contact our office at (520) 320-1953 for information on fees and practitioner availability.

Alice has profound experience in both allopathic and Chinese Medicine. She became a registered nurse in 1980 and has been a licensed acupuncturist since 1990. She is a graduate of the Masters Program in Acupuncture at the Traditional Acupuncture Institute in Columbia, MD. As a hospice nurse and 5 Element acupuncturist, she has worked extensively with the terminally ill, patients with immune system deficiencies, and women's health issues. Through acupuncture, she assists in restoring and maintaining physical, emotional, and spiritual health and is honored to accompany clients on their journey toward wholeness.  5 Element acupuncture is the most ancient form has very profound effects.  
  • Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture is also on her list of treatments provided. This amazing non-surgical face lift series is extremely effective as well enjoyable.
  • Alice also teaches Qi Gong, an ancient Chinese meditative and exercise practice which promotes natural healing,stress relief and longevity, call for current schedule and location.
  • In addition, as a longtime healthcare professional with over 30 years as an R.N., and 24 years as a Licensed 5 Element Acupuncturist, Alice has come to really understand the importance of drinking healthy water. And, she believes our best health choice for water is alkalized ionized waterPlease click the link below to find out you will be prompted to create a personal access code. 
  • AromaTouch® sessions are now available! In this 45 minute session medical grade essential oils are applied to the body in a strategic method that will enhance one's health and promote deep relaxation. Click here for more information

Dr. Reggie Stout, OMD, DAOM, MAcOM, B.A., LAc
Dr. Reggie Stout is an Arizona Licensed TCM Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicinal Herbalist.  Graduated with Highest Honors with doctoral and masters degrees in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, as well as Integrative Homeopathy. Earned a B.A. in Social Work and Behavioral Studies at Tucson University, and B.A. in Holistic Health from Prescott College. Studied with full scholarship at the Open International University for Complementary Medicine (USA Campus) - one of only two World Health Organization (W.H.O. founded 1962) programs in Alternative Medicine, the other is in Beijing, China.  Studied at the American Medical College of Homeopathy. Completed studies as a Post-graduate Fellow of the Florida School of Complementary Medicine and Arizona School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.  Studied for 3 yrs and is a former Board Member Emeritus in the Post-graduate Program in Homeopathy for Physicians with the Complementary Medicine Association directed by Dr. Michael Loes, MD.  Studied with prestigious doctors such as; Dr. Andrew Weil, MD, Dr. Todd Rowe, MD, Dr. Trevor Cook, MD, Dr. Steven Sobutnick, DPM, Favarti Kim O’Haire, Dr. Samuel Flagler, NMD, DHANP and many others.  President of the Asian Medicine and Acupuncture Society of Arizona (AMASA).  Over 19 yrs as Senior Instructor, Clinic Supervisor at the Arizona School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Moved his 22 yr. old practice to Peaceful Spirit in August of 2008.

Hours: Wednesdays and Fridays 11am - 6pm at our Country Club Rd. location Tuesday 1pm - 4pm at our NW-Oracle Rd location
Rates: First visit, please allow 1.5 hours,
 $100.00  Follow up 1-hour visit $80.00

Dr. Y. Clare Zhang, PhD, MAcOM, LAc
Dr. Zhang has a PhD degree in Physiology & Pharmacology and Masters degree in TCM Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine, and is a Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist in Arizona. With a good understanding of both Chinese medicine and modern bio-medicine, she uses an integrative approach to help her patients achieve optimal health. Dr. Zhang's strength is based on her cultural and educational upbringing. She grew up in China with a good understanding of Chinese culture and philosophy. She received her doctoral training in the States and for fifteen years pursued a successful career in biomedical research and teaching in universities. Therefore, given her understanding of Oriental and Western medicine, modern science and ancient healing, she strives to promote the patient's health with an integrative approach that combines the best of different medicines.

Hours: Tuesday, Thursdays and Fridays at our Country Club Rd. and Nw-Oracle Rd. locations
Rates: Initial Visit $135.00 (allow 2.0 hours for the first session),
$80.00 for each follow-up visit (allow 1 hour for each follow up session)


Loren M. Starks L.Ac.
Loren M. Starks L.Ac. has recently joined the PS group. He has been practicing acupuncture for 4 years in another location and recently relocated his practice to PS. Loren practices Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and offers Chinese herbal therapy, as well. We are excited about Loren's training with Cold Laser Therapy for pain management. He has had a lot of success helping patients who suffer from fibromyalgia with this treatment. Loren is available 7 days a week (Yes, Saturdays and Sundays, too) which is VERY exciting for us, too, by appointment at our Country Club Rd, NW-Oracle RD and Voyager Resort locations.  


This place has it all! Wonderfully skilled massage therapist who are attentative to specific needs of each individual client & other wellness options to support overall wellness all in one place!

-Bernadette M.


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