The Warrior Workout

Hi, my name is Donna Papetti and, in some respect, The Warrior Workout is a product of my own personal journey of self exploration and evolution. About 10 years ago I woke up to the realization that I had been asleep in my own life. I recognized that I was playing a game of hide and seek with life and with myself. I was afraid to get to know myself, afraid to accept personal responsibility and afraid to live life fully. Consequently, I was making choices from that place of fear which did not get me what I felt I wanted or needed and I was stuck in an uncomfortable cycle of discontent and disharmony. When I woke up I began living my life over again. I did not know how to do it and I fumbled around quite a bit during which I judged myself endlessly, beat myself up, tortured myself and suffered through it all.

Then I woke up again and began living again. I still didn't know how to do it although it felt like I fumbled less, judged less and didn't feel quite as beaten up. There was more kindness, consideration and compassion. The element of forgiveness was also present.

When I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes yet again, the world looked different. I looked different, everybody looked different. It was all brighter, fuller, new. The hold I had on my needs and wants loosened and the tightness that pervaded my body was no longer there. I could breathe deeply. I could laugh and play again. There wasn't as much mind chatter bouncing around as there used to be and I sensed the availability of a quiet stillness.

I woke up to the possibility of the Miracle that I am. It surprised me. It felt authentic. It expanded. It is not just a possibility now. I am a Miracle.

Every moment I wake up to the Miracle that I am. You are a Miracle also. I am absolutely no different than you. If I discovered this Miracle within me, you can too. That is howThe Warrior Workout, came to be a tangible entity, how I got unstuck and how once again, life became a playground full of joy and laughter.

What is the Warrior Workout:

The Warrior Workout is a program of exploration and change. More to the point, it is a program of evolution and, more specifically, your evolution. For this journey to take place The Warrior Workout utilizes, as its exploratory tool, the one entity that has been with you since the moment of conception - the human body. You use your body as your map, your tuning fork, your guide to discovery and your impetus for change.
For ease of exploration, understanding and assimilation the human body is broken down into five bodies - Physical, Mental, Emotional, Energy, and Spiritual. Each of these bodies is examined individually with the acknowledgment that there exists a relationship between each body, as well as, a complete integration of all five bodies. As an integrated being all your layers are connected and encased within the human body making it your perfect teacher in the quest for acceptance and freedom.

In The Warrior Workout there are exercises for each body that will help you learn more about yourself. These exercises are designed to help increase self awareness, open up and enhance communication with your body, your mind, your emotions, your internal energy system and, most importantly, that centered, all
accepting part of you that knows what is necessary to manifest the life and body of your dreams. With The Warrior Workout as your guide you become aware of what you want, what you need and who and what you are. This awareness leads to expansion and acceptance - acceptance of your body, yourself, of others and of life. This acceptance opens the door to freedom. Your body holds the key to acceptance, to truth and to freedom.

You are a Miracle. Let The Warrior Workout help you to embrace that truth. Let The Warrior Workout help you create the body and life of your dreams!
The Warrior Workout consists of five tangible components:
·      Guide
·      Physical Exercise DVD
·      Playbook
·      Diary
·      Guided Meditation CDs
These five components provide a unique opportunity for the participant to explore, understand, and create the body and life of their dreams.

Why participate in the Warrior Workout?

What would life be like if you fully embraced the knowing that"You are a Miracle"? What would life feel like if you lived from that space? If this concept intrigues you then The Warrior Workout is for you. That is what The Warrior Workout has to offer - the opportunity to fully embrace the knowing that "You are a Miracle". It offers up the opportunity to live life fully without fear or doubt and to accept each moment as it arises with openness and grace. So say "yes". Say "yes" to yourself. Yes to delving in and making a commitment to you. That fearlessness and grace already resides within you. It has always been there. It is waiting for you to remember. To remember that, without doubt, you are, indeed a Miracle.

This remembering begins with movement of the Physical Body. Movement was one of the first ways in which you explored the world around you and it is now the initial way you will explore the world within you. Exercise of any sort jumpstarts the inner workings of the Physical Body - it gets the blood pumping harder and faster, breathing gets bigger and fuller, the muscles become stronger and more flexible, the bones more sturdy and supportive, the internal systems more healthy and efficient.

Your body actually produces and begins to pump through itself natural chemicals that make you feel good ... real good. This feel good sensation supports your commitment to continue moving the Physical Body which promotes further change. Increased self-confidence and curiosity keeps you open and willing to continue your personal exploration. Commitment deepens and you stay open to moving through the Mental, Emotional, Energy and Spiritual Bodies. This deeper level of exploration and discovery leads to increased awareness, compassion, and acceptance of yourself and the world around you. This fuels the continuation of your journey inward to a complete remembering and reconnection to the very essence of all you are. Remembering and reconnecting with this divine Source of all life completes your journey withThe Warrior Workout. You now live life through the knowing that "You are a Miracle".
So why wait? Why hesitate any longer in living the life of your dreams? Begin today. Begin this very moment being the Miracle that you are! Begin The Warrior Workout.



Here are some testimonials from people who have participated in The Warrior Workout:

"I think an important part is the aspect of self - do things for yourself, think of yourself so you would be better able to help other people and your family and friends"


"I think the meditation part gave you a quiet time where you could introspect your feelings and your energy and do a different level of exercise. It really gave me a lot of confidence"


"The focus that I received at The Warrior Workout helped me to know what I was doing and what I was working on and it brought me to a higher level of working out"


"It made a permanent difference in my attitude towards exercise"


"When you did something else, for instance, out biking or hiking, it was amazing what you could focus on and what you could pull off when you didn't think you had it in you because of The Warrior Workout you did" and "Doing The Warrior Workout was definitely worth it and I would encourage anyone to take part in it and to get a new outlook on yourself, on exercise, on your emotional well being, motivation. It's a wonderful tool"


"It really allows you to focus on what makes you tick, how your mind works and what you are feeling. I think the level of awareness that we were able to get there is something that we haven't lost. Even after we stopped doing The Warrior Workout we still have it within us"


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