Larry Stroke Recovery Letter and Video
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Hi Mara!
Here is a timeline of Larryʼs strokes. Iʼve put symptoms in my language, you can “doctorize” it. :)
Larry had his first stroke April 2008. The stroke was in the left side of the brain which
affected his right side. When he came home from hospital, he had severe aphasia. He
couldnʼt read - he didnʼt recognize the clock on the wall.
His right arm and hand were “stuck” in the typical stroke survivor position. Arm was in
45 degree position and the hand was closed in a fist with the wrist twisted towards the
body. He had a tiny limp. His walking wasnʼt affected.
We had no insurance therefore we did our own type of therapy at home. We read
childrenʼs books, did puzzles, and took up nature photography. By November, he was
able to read a camera manual and operate a Canon 40D - that is a rather complicated
model. He had some trouble operating the shutter button due to lack of feeling in his
hand. But all in all, he was doing very well.

He had another stroke in April 2011. This one took away all of his progress and then
some. The aphasia was worse, his hand and arm regressed and his walking was
affected. By this time he was on medicare. The physical therapy and speech therapy
he took was useless. Through time his speech improved. He became involved with the
UofA Aphasia Research Study which helped him relearn how to read. That was the
most beneficial program.

The clip from January 2015 is Larry reading his homework that the speech therapist
gave him. His therapy was to read passages over and over until he almost had them
memorized. He wrote this passage himself and had practiced it every day. With his
type of aphasia, he has trouble recognizing the little words, for example: a, the, then,
was etc. He is reading pretty good in the clip.

Iʼm impressed with the clip from just a couple of days ago. The reason Iʼm so
impressed is that he doesnʼt read hardly at all, understandably since it is so challenging.
He is reading a chain saw manual. This was his first time reading it. I grabbed the
camera phone and recorded him on the spot. Yes, he is having trouble, but he hasnʼt
read since January 2015.

I instinctively knew that acupuncture would help him. You verified that when we talked
at that networking event years ago. At the time, we couldnʼt afford Reggie. I also knew
that it would be better for him to not have acupuncture than to go to someone who didnʼt
know stroke survivors.

In November 2014 I got very scared because I noticed that he was dragging his right
foot and he just didnʼt look good. Thankfully my benefits just kicked in and he could
start with Reggie.

Reggie has helped with:
  • the dropped foot - he stopped dragging it
  • the right arm is relaxing - he doesnʼt hold it in that 45 degree stuck position as much
  • the right hand is relaxing - he can open it more easily and is beginning to be able to grip
  • items
  • his brain is working better
As his wife, Iʼm thrilled with all of the progress, but most importantly Iʼm the happiest
about his brain. He is thinking clearer and his speech has improved immensely. The
greatest benefit is that his sense of humor and wit is returning. That is what attracted
me to him, his great sense of wit. A woman loves a man who can make her laugh. And
he can do that now again.

Due to damage from the strokes, his knee has become severely hyper extended. He
was able to get a full leg brace from the VA in November 2015. The brace keeps the
knee in position. Iʼve included a pic of the brace to illustrate how it goes from the toes to
his upper thigh.

Unfortunately, I donʼt have much photos or clips of him from the past. I do have a short
clip from January 2015 of him going up a hill on a hike in Madera Canyon. It is the one
going from the Amphitheater to Madera picnic area. It gives an idea of how unsteady he

We did that same hike yesterday, Oct 3. Iʼve got footage of the same hill and he is
sprinting up almost like a mountain goat. What is awesome is that he is wearing the leg
brace. We have to remember that it is cumbersome, weighs around 6 pounds and he
canʼt feel a thing in his right foot because of the plastic sole. I also videoed him coming
back down the same hill. He wanted me to video him navigating a narrow part of the
trail so Iʼve included that also. Pretty good, huh?

He was born March 25, 1945.
There is a short testimonial from Larry in his own words with a short blurb from me.

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