Healthy Living--participant expectations

Participant Expectations

You are committing to a three month Healthy Living Makeover program--We expect all participants to do the following during the program:

  1. Journal and chart their program experiences. This process helps one to see their progress from a variety of different view points, as well as keep one on track. Journaling in itself is a healing process. How to journal will be covered during orientation.
  2. Spend one hour every day doing something healthy for yourself!
  3. Attend all of your scheduled appointments. Missed appointments will not be honored unless prior approval from the provider is obtained.
  4. All payments (or payment arrangements) must be made prior to attending the orientation.
  5. There is a non-refundable $50.00 dollar deposit required at registration. The deposit is applied to your program fee.
  6. Attendance at the orientation is mandatory to participate in the program.

Your program fee is due regardless of your ability to complete the program. Peaceful Spirit Therapeutic Massage Ctrs or its affiliates do not make any guarantees regarding the results of the program. The intention of the program is to teach the tools necessary for long term success at achieving a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, individual results vary depending on current lifestyle and habits.

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