Body Wrap
Body Wraps The body is wrapped in three layers, consisting of sheets, a plastic sheet, and a blanket. While the body absorbs the therapeutic benefits of the solution, the therapist will gently massage the face and scalp. Aloe Vera: A great way to detoxify and promote tone in the skin, our Aloe wrap also may reduce the appearance of cellulite and blemishes, all with a wonderfully soothing aroma. Seaweed: Helps drain edema in muscle tissues, smooths and hydrates skin, stimulates circulation and remineralizes the body. Aromatherapy: Use of essential oils derived from plants, trees and flowers to help improve circulation, nourish skin and promote relaxation.
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This place has it all! Wonderfully skilled massage therapist who are attentative to specific needs of each individual client & other wellness options to support overall wellness all in one place!

-Bernadette M.


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