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Mara's Story

Mara Concordia, the owner of Peaceful Spirit, was raised by a very progressive mom named Shirley. Shirley and Mara would regularly do yoga on the living room floor to help Shirley's back, so as to avoid surgery. Mom relied heavily on garlic, onions, broccoli, hearty bone soups and fresh fruits to keep her family healthy. Through a strange turn of events, Mara's entrepreneurial mother opened Concordia Chiropractic Clinic with a local doctor during Mara's teen years. From that time on, chiropractors were their primary care physicians!
Despite all the healthy upbringing Mara, during her wild and crazy late teens to early '20s, managed to start smoking, get married and become quite obese. At 21 years of age, she weighed over 210 lbs!!! This is where Mara's "real learning" began. She spent years learning about diet, nutrition, exercise, emotional healing and so much more. Driven by her inherited entrepreneurial spirit Mara was determined to open a wellness center to share her knowledge to help other people live healthier and happier lives. The dream came true in 1996 when Peaceful Spirit opened its doors.

Peaceful Spirit's Story

The Peaceful Spirit founders embodying the vision of a true "wellness center" introduced their clientele to the benefits of therapeutic massage and bodywork. Over the years we grew to 5 locations and employ over 22 people. This enables us to be available when you need us without having to wait for weeks to get an appointment.
The talented and gifted practitioners today still believe that t
hrough a balanced use of massage & bodywork, chiropractic care, acupuncture, healthy lifestyle, GREAT food, and Pure water people will restore their health. While the results are different for everyone, most clients experience profound personal change over time. As muscles, connective tissues and stress release and ease of movement and better alignment are restored a greater sense of well being is achieved! At this point, many clients become ready to take the next step. For some that could mean improving work situations, adding long-overdue hobbies and fun time to tackling issues through personal coaching to release patterns that no longer serve them. This is the journey we want to be part of with you. We want to help the world become an even better place by having happier and healthier people on the planet!

Please, don't hesitate to schedule a complimentary consultation with Mara. She will pull from her 30+ years of experience in transforming health and lives to help you figure out how to get where you want to go and if we can be of assistance along the way.

Our Vision and Core Values

Our Vision:
Peaceful Spirit Massage and Wellness Centers are sacred, healing places of limitless possibility.
All of our talented, skilled therapists and employees empower, educate and guide our clients to achieve their personal health and life goals.
By creating integrative wellness centers, perfecting our treatments, and building long term relationships, we enable our clients to experience the balance of mind, body, and spirit. The fruition of this vision results in happiness, good health and peace of mind for all people that we touch.

Core Values of Peaceful Spirit
We must exhibit and maintain these values at all times:

Personal Integrity
This consists of:
- Being honest and authentic
- Self Respect and Professionalism
- Being accountable for all actions
- Doing what is said and promised
- Commitment to personal growth and self-care

This consists of:
- Working for the client’s best interests
- Commitment to being the “best” therapists and employees
- Having a clean and neat appearance at all times

- Being self-motivated
- Ensuring all therapists are state-licensed and insured
- Commitment to professional growth

Compassionate, Heart-Centered Service
This consists of:
- Having a positive, compassionate and service-orientedattitude
- Maintaining Peaceful Spirit as a sacred healing place
- Always listening to client needs and responding with treatments that address those needs
- Consistently delivering the desired results
- Giving back to the community with time and resources
- Inspiring joy in all those associated with our wellness centers

This consists of:
- Sharing and embodying the mission and vision
- Making sure that everyone is a team player
- Having therapists and employees who want to build a growing career, not just have a job
- Commitment to the constant improvement of Peaceful Spirit
- Protecting Peaceful Spirit from harm
- Commitment to being a learning company
- Mutual respect between all

Business Development
This consists of:
- Intelligent growth
- Constant improvement in all areas
- Ongoing strategic planning
- Progressive leadership
- Sufficient profitability to ensure longevity and fulfillment of vision and goals

Mara welcomes your feedback and suggestions. We are committed to being a learning company!