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I am a behavioral health therapist with an eclectic approach of hypnotherapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), person-centered therapy (PCT), and Gestalt therapy. Any one of us can change. We can transform our lives. We are capable of much more than what we imagine most often. I, as a behavioral health therapist, am not your cure. Your personal mental, emotional, and spiritual power, which are all interrelated, cure you. I am here to encourage, to teach, and to applaud your success. I share my insight and expertise to expedite your recovery. I assist and direct clients to improve self-esteem. I encourage them to use their imaginations most effectively. We can overcome depression. We can overcome anxiety. We can overcome addiction. We can overcome the pitfalls of anger. We can overcome obsessive-compulsive behaviors. We can overcome feelings of inferiority and insecurity. We truly can live up to our highest potential. It's all about empowerment!

I have success using hypnosis to help people lose weight, quit smoking, eliminate additions and resolve their test anxiety.
I am available on Wednesdays and Thursdays regularly and other days by appointment.
$100.00 per session for hypnosis and $135.00 per hour session for counseling.
Packages available soon! Please call or text 520-320-1953 with your questions.