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The Shamanic Cord Cutting Ritual

Cal-Ling, Shamanic Healer, and Life Coach

At Peaceful Spirit Massage and Wellness Centers

ARE YOU FEELING UNCOMFORTABLE IN SOME WAY? Perhaps you can’t quite put your finger on it, it’s vague. Things are generally okay, however, there is a nagging sensation that something is off…..and maybe it has been that way for a long time……it comes and goes. Maybe it is so familiar you are just used to it……

Maybe it’s physical, like an old injury from a car accident, a residual stiff neck, or lower lumbar tightness. Or perhaps the uncomfortableness is every time you go to a certain place you feel uneasy for no apparent reason, or every time you see a certain person you freeze and cannot express yourself like you usually do. All of these situations indicate some kind of physical, emotional, or even spiritual distortions or attachments….energetic cords that are attached to the body temple and are affecting your body comfort, your mental comfort, and your ability to relax and enjoy your life in a more balanced and amplified way.

It is an OLD STORY that needs attention so you can be more Free to be fully who you are in all your Brilliance!

In the Shamanic world of the unseen, known as non-ordinary reality, there are many different tools and techniques available to address the imbalance you are experiencing, whether it is physical, mental, spiritual or emotional. One very potent way is to have a cord-cutting session.

What are cords? .…and why do they need to be cut?

Cords are energetic attachments that we all have to people, things, places, ideas, events, and even ancestors that have influenced your energy field and can drain you of life forces that keep you feeling stuck, lethargic, and not worthy. These attachments can be from anywhere and anyone. Possibly your children, your parents, your partner, ex-partner, work colleagues, and from ancestral lines that you were birthed with due to family circumstances, whether it be a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual circumstance.

An example of this could be ancestral experiences of war, invasion, starvation, or illness that have been carried through the lineage in your cellular memory. Even though this may be a subconscious memory or a story you have heard repeatedly, you are still deeply impacted on an emotional level and can carry a subconscious attitude of fear and victimhood because these emotional cords are ‘stuck’ in your subconscious. Everything is a struggle and seemingly does not work out in your best interest.

A Shamanic cord-cutting ritual can change these Old Stories and make a profound shift in your consciousness, thus affecting your perceptions and attitudes about yourself and how you interact with the world……who you really are without being bogged down with poor self-image. You are reuniting with your wholeness, no longer separated from your true essence, your Divine self.

The conditions for healing first start with your intention to be free of the old incumbrances that keep you small, sick, or stuck, and the willingness to see possibility in every moment. You are saying ‘YES’ to yourself, to your infinite self in these moments of recognition and remembrance. The Shamanic practitioner facilitates this connection to bring greater alignment and Peace to your life.

If you are reading this newsletter article, let it be a sign for you to accelerate your growth at this time, by taking the steps to clear your individual field of energy, which in turn ‘Freshens the Field’ for all of us. We are all in this together. We are all just energy, bumping into each other at different frequencies. My field and your field have just intersected!

Amplify and accelerate your frequency by scheduling an appointment today for a Cord Cutting Shamanic session and help everyone to ‘Freshen the Field’. In your Shamanic Cord Cutting Ceremony, I use the many ‘tools’ of cord cutting that include sound with drumming, rattling, singing, and prayer specifically for the individual. Other possibilities include salt water, therapeutic oils, flower and gem essences, and other crystal helpers.

Blessings for this Sacred Journey that we share Now and Always,


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