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Peaceful Spirit Deep Relaxation Options

Are you in need of deep relaxation? If so, Peaceful Spirit Massage & Wellness Centers has many options for you to choose from. Hover over a service below to learn more about it and schedule your session.

Our Recommendations

Full Body Relaxation Massage

A 60-minute, 90-minute, or longer full-body massage to help promote relaxation with the sedating effects of deep-tissue massage and an aromatherapy blend of your choice!

Cranio-Sacral Therapy

These sessions provide slow, deep, and calming bodywork. You and your mind will be deeply calmed and people feel that they reach a very deep meditative state. Their body is relaxed and can reset and restore is this deep connection.

Full Body Stretch followed by Reiki

This combination is a beautiful blend that helps the body to open, lengthen and get "unstuck"! Once the tensions of the physical have been relaxed then you can slip into a very deep state of mind-body connection to fully receive the benefits of the ancient art of the Reiki practice.

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