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Shamanic Healing is the kind of medicine practiced by indigenous peoples for thousands of years. Shamans (medicine men and women) believe that all illnesses (physical, mental, spiritual) and misfortune are caused by a loss of personal power and that by restoring a person's power can facilitate healing. Through the use of ancient shamanic arts, the shaman works to bring back a full state of wellness and well-being.
Shamanic Work at Peaceful Spirit

In modern times, particularly in North America, we have lost our connection both to the land and the stars, but also to ourselves. Many people are feeling lost, overwhelmed, and isolated. Shamanic work helps us to become more balanced in our relationship with our environment, as well as bringing in a deeper sense of connectedness to our inner self and our purpose in life. When receiving Shamanic work, you will be interviewed by your Pathfinder to establish where you are at in life. Understanding where you are out of balance in mind, body, spirit helps your Pathfinder guide your sessions. Actively participating in the process of your own journey brings you the most benefit from the sessions. The Pathfinder is simply a guide who brings different perspectives and assists you in your journey. You can expect to get on the massage table, depending on the guidance from your Pathfinder you will receive any of a variety of techniques: guided visualization, ‘Dreaming’, Reiki, Reflexology, massage, drumming, smudging with sage, energy healing, grounding techniques, etc. When you are in a Shamanic work session, you have all the skills of the Pathfinder working to assist and guide you toward your own sense of balance, healing, and harmony in life, your own “path”. You may be given a ‘homework’ assignment at the end of the session, to assist you in continuing the work begun in the session.

Not all people who seek shamanic healing experience the same results. Shamanic healing can manifest in many different ways. People receive what they need at that very moment in their lives. Quite often people receive healing for situations they weren't even aware of at the time.

How can energy healing work help you?

  • Improve Sleep
  • Relieve Depression and Anxiety
  • Increase Awareness of Stress Triggers
  • Increase Energy
  • Reduce Over-all Negative Stress
  • Educate You on What Can Help You to Achieve Your Optimum Self
  • Improve Your Feelings of Connection with Yourself, Others, and Your Environment

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Sara was amazing! Her healing touch was unexplainable! I went in with a heavy heart and left with so much peace. Thank you Sara!!!

- Grace F