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Toria is a Spiritual Healer, someone who uses different modalities to remove blockages that are preventing someone from feeling their natural state of peace, connection, and inner joy. She is Reiki Master Teacher and has been trained as a Shamanic Practitioner of Core Shamanism for Extraction, Power Animal Retrieval, Soul Retrieval, Divination, and Psychopomp work, helping the living, those in transition, and those beyond. She is also a Certified Yoga and Tai Chi instructor and has been trained in tuning forks, sound healing, healing with crystals, pranayama, and meditation.

“All Roads Lead to Source Energy”
Toria works with those who are suffering from trauma, soul loss, and blockages, using a variety of modalities to help her clients with the pure intention of reconnecting with Source and become “spirit-filled”. Although we are never truly disconnected from our Source, it is in this feeling of separation and emptiness that we experience energy loss, anxiety, restlessness, depression (or dark cloud feeling), stress, sudden mood swings, lack of motivation and clarity, and overall feeling of heaviness or uncertainty (can’t see past the fog).

“Finding the Healer Within”
Her passion is to teach people how to find the healer within themselves because she believes the world needs more healers. With every healing session, she tries to teach her clients simple techniques that can be used daily for protection and healing. She also offers Reiki classes periodically throughout the year at Peaceful Spirit.

Toria is available Monday - Saturday at our Country Club Rd. office.
Allow 1.5 hours for your Shamanic Healing Session - $115.00
Allow 1.0 hours for your Reiki Session - $80.00
Reiki classes - pricing varies
Coming soon! Tai Chi and Yoga classes
Call or text 520-320-1953 to join the waitlist for upcoming classes

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