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By Mara Concordia,
CEO of Peaceful Spirit Massage & Wellness Centers
and Talena DeBaun, BA, M.Ac., L.Ac.,
Former Acupuncturist at Peaceful Spirit Massage & Wellness Centers

Here in our Southwestern desert, Spring sometimes seems to arrive early. With temperatures fluctuating between the 30's and the 70's (F) and wildflowers beginning to bloom in February, we are often fooled into thinking that Spring has arrived. In truth, it is the seasonal movement toward the equality of light and darkness, when the Sun is crossing directly over the Equator that Spring officially arrives in the Northern Hemisphere. This "moment" is referred to as the Vernal or Spring Equinox. From that moment on, the hours of light and length of day are increasing and the hours of darkness and length of the night are, of course, decreasing.

In Chinese Medicine, we refer to this time of year as the time of "rising Yang". Yang energy exemplifies active and rapid growth and expansion. We can see this in nature all around us as we observe the bursting forth of buds and leaves on the trees, flowers blooming everywhere and increased activity in the animal kingdom. This rapidly changing energy causes erratic, chaotic weather-blustery winds, Spring rains and bright, cloudless days. This is significant to us as humans because even with all our modern conveniences and enhanced technology, we are not separate from nature-our world around us. And with these energy and weather changes we may feel restless, impatient, frustrated, experience allergy symptoms (such as itchy eyes, headaches or Vertigo), cramping or muscle spasms in the legs, feet or hands, pain that moves around and even painful menstrual cycles.

When we incorporate simple self care-getting adequate sleep, moderating use of stimulants like coffee, alcohol and sugar, allowing personal time for relaxation, exercise and creativity, we are taking important first steps toward balancing our own energy.
Getting acupuncture treatment, particularly at the change of seasons, can assist us in making a smooth seasonal transition and maintaining the energy we need to experience a happy, healthy and productive lifestyle.