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AromaTouch® - Single Session

AromaTouch® - Single Session

In this 45-minute session, doTerra CPTG® essential oils are applied to the body in a strategic method that will enhance health and promote deep relaxation. The focus of the AromaTouch® technique is that of creating full-body benefits, targeting four factors that negatively affect all body functions operating smoothly. Those four factors are:
  • Stress of all kinds
  • Toxic insult from our environment
  • Inflammation in the body
  • Autonomic imbalance
These four factors affect everything including our immune system response, maintenance of blood pressure, and emotional well being. This very relaxing and enjoyable experience of essential oils provides beneficial health benefits, as well!

Available Monday through Friday at our Country Club Road location.
Our Price: $50.00

Product Code: AROMATOUCH


This gift certificate is good for a single AromaTouch session.