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Peaceful Spirit Stress Treatment Options Continued

Are you experiencing stress? If so, Peaceful Spirit Massage & Wellness Centers has many options for you to choose from, we are here to help!

More Recommendations

Schedule A Discovery Consultation

A consultation with Mara Concordia, Owner/CEO of Peaceful Spirit, that will give you guidance and direction for creating a treatment plan that works for you personally. This will allow you to discover ways to manage your stress at home, at work, and in your daily life along with the help of our providing services. Mara will give you an insight into what works for you as an individual, and how a team-oriented plan can lead you to achieve a healthy, stress-free environment for your mind, body, and soul.

Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing is the medicine used by indigenous peoples from around the world....
This sacred practice integrates various tools (herbal remedies, drumming, singing, meditations, rituals, smudging, etc.) into a balancing and healing session, assisting your body with unblocking negative energy that has arisen from past or present events, illnesses or other ailments. If you believe you are experiencing a disconnection from your spiritual, emotional, physical, or mental well-being that is causing you stress, shamanic healing can help generate the self-healing abilities of your body.


Reiki uses energetic modalities to help heal you from within. It involves, but not limited to, the cleansing of chakras and clearing of the meridian channels, which provides you with the beneficial effects of stress reduction and relaxation. Using the intuition of the practitioner, Reiki enhances harmony and balance within your soul to help the busy mind disengage from the worries of everyday life.