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At Peaceful Spirit we believe that to be our BEST selves we need to work from the inside out as well as the outside in.... it's like the old saying.... you are what you eat (and drink!)

There are so many reasons why at times we may not feel well. The first places to look are: How well are you sleeping, are you hydrated and what does your diet consist of?
But, what if the things you love to eat... don't love you? This is the case for many, many people. They do not have immune system allergies to food, but they do have sensitivities that cause irritation and/or inflammation which, over time, can lead to feeling miserable or worse.

This is why we were very excited to learn of the ALCAT Food Sensitivity testing from Cell Science Systems. We are contracted with this lab. We can help you get tested easily in the comfort of our office or your home. Call or text today to get more information. 520-320-1953

Cell Science Systems is a specialty clinical laboratory
that develops and performs laboratory testing in immunology and cell biology supporting the personalized treatment and prevention of chronic disease. Cell Science Systems, Corp. operates a CLIA certified laboratory and is a FDA inspected registered, cGMP medical device manufacturer meeting ISO EN13485 standards. Cell Science Systems is best known for pioneering the Alcat Test for food and chemical sensitivities.

This was my first visit to Peaceful Spirit for chiropractic care. Dr. Roger [Scheltens D.C.] listened to my history, asked questions and took notes. He explained his decision on treatment method for my issue. I am feeling better. I'll be back next week. :)

- Deborah