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What we are doing to help keep everyone safe:

*Effective 12/23/2020 -
For everyone's continued safety we partnered with Germ Free Tucson for twelve months, we love cutting edge tech. Our offices have been electrostatically sprayed with an EPA-approved, antimicrobial shield that protects high touch surfaces for up to 90 days! https://biztucson.com/2020/11/24/germfree-offers-science-based-disinfection-program-for-businesses/
*We have always used AIRSOURCE 3000 air purification machines. They have UV germicidal bulbs and ionization. They help to kill germs and clump particulates in the air to make them heavy so they fall to out of the air and can be cleaned and removed.
* The highest rating air filters have been installed at our Country Club Rd office to improve indoor air quality
* Face masks MUST be worn by all staff members and clients at all times while in Peaceful Spirit buildings
Temperature checks will be taken for all staff members at the beginning of each shift and clients when they arrive for their appointments
Limit the number of people in the office to maintain social distancing
Plexi-glass barriers installed for admin staff where appropriate and able
Ensuring that all our cleaning products meet CDC/OSHA guidelines for killing COVID-19
* Staggered & limited appointment and appointment lengths
* Use of gloves as needed and appropriate
* As always our treatment rooms are disinfected between each client with CDC/OSHA approved disinfect including but not limited to tables/face cradles and all touched surfaces.

As everyone has been saying lately, we are all in this together. Basically, we can't do this without you.
That is why we are asking for your help in the following areas: * If you are ill please stay safe at home
* If you have recently lost your sense of taste or smell get tested right away!
* If you are immuno-compromised or high risk please let us know at scheduling
* If you have had COVID19 infection, wait 30 days from the recovery date and ask your doctor for permission before receiving a massage. Especially, if you are at risk for blood clots.
* If you have pain deep in your legs or unexplained swelling seek medical attention right away.
* Wear your face mask at all times while you are at Peaceful Spirit (yes, even during your treatment)
* Allow a temperature check when you arrive for your appointment
* Wash your hands frequently
* Use hand sanitizer (provided) after undressing and before getting onto the treatment table
* Let us know if you are suddenly feeling ill, especially if you have flu-like symptoms (chills, sore throat, fever, muscle aches, etc.)
* Try to arrive at your appointment as near to the scheduled time as possible in order to avoid long waits in the lobby
Text or call: 520-320-1953
Click here to request
an appointment.

This was my first visit to Peaceful Spirit for chiropractic care. Dr. Roger [Scheltens D.C.] listened to my history, asked questions and took notes. He explained his decision on treatment method for my issue. I am feeling better. I'll be back next week. :)

- Deborah