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Maintaining Your Center in the Storms

Recently, a woman said to me, “I feel like the earth is shifting right under my feet. It is difficult to stay on track or even know what the track is!” My response was to confirm that the earth is shifting a great deal and there is plenty of evidence to support this. From an energetic point of view, it doesn’t matter if it is a tsunami in Japan or a small earthquake in Wickenburg, an uprising in Egypt, it affects us no matter where we are. On the personal level, many of us are experiencing changes at a rapid pace, often feeling like we can’t find the ground and yet paradoxically it is the act of grounding that is a key to helping us maintain equilibrium during these tumultuous times.

Throughout my life, I have been blessed to learn a great many techniques and approaches that not only help to ground, they help to fill us with positive energy to give us greater focus. This article shares a few of them.

One of the basics used in many traditions (Qi Gong, Yoga, ENLP) is to imagine you are a tree and that your feet have roots growing out of the bottom. Imagine the roots going deep into the earth. Their function is to draw up all of the nurturance of the earth into your body, filling you with that “food” that you so need and allowing you to feel connected to this planet of ours. There is another function of the roots and that is to send all the recyclable waste from us into the earth where it is transformed. In Energetic NLP (ENLP), we call this “running earth energies”. So imagine those roots bringing up the nurturing earth energies through your feet, up your legs, into your pelvis and abdomen and feel it at your solar plexus where it loops back down your spine out through the base of your spine taking all the waste, negativity or anything not useful to you and sending it to recycle in the earth.

There are other techniques I teach that help us to clear out energies that are not beneficial to us and to fill us with positive, loving energy. I find that if people don’t remember these and can just remember to ground their energy, they will feel many benefits.

When we do energy work, our own vibration will shift and it is important to dissolve our existing grounding and re-create it to match the new vibration. I am finding that with all of the earth shifts, we need to do this to match the new vibration of the earth as well.
In addition to the work I do with Energetic NLP and coaching, I am finding the energy vibrations of essential oils are most helpful at this time. Helpful single oils are any of the trees; spruces, firs, pines, cedars, juniper. Various citrus trees are grounding and uplifting as well. My blends: Clarity, Spirit of Trees and Spirit of Trees 2 are all beneficial to help with staying grounded. Apply with lotion or a carrier oil to bottom of feet, inside wrists.
For many years, I was not able to go on roller coasters, as I would get very dizzy. The last time I tried to ride one, I did a strong grounding visualization before, during and after. I actually enjoyed the ride. May you enjoy the ride as well.