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By: Sara, LMT, NCTMB
Licensed Massage Therapist at Peaceful Spirit Massage

Time to Reconnect: Spiritually Focused Massage

When I started massage therapy school it was with the intention of blending the physical aspect of bodywork with my energetic and spiritual background in Shamanism and energy work and my experience as a Reiki Master.

Now that I am an established massage therapist at Peaceful Spirit I want to begin offering our clients more spiritually focused treatments. I believe this is becoming even more important, primarily because people don’t take or schedule the time to put themselves in a place where they can connect with their spirit and reach a deeper state of healing.

Lomi sessions should be 90-120 minutes in length in order to provide ample time for each client to achieve a truly deep state of relaxation. This allows the client time to experience their own healing process while they are in that space of relaxation before I gradually lead them back into the regular world.

In order to help each client achieve this deepest state of relaxation I utilize many different methods of energetic healing including: Reiki, Reflexology, CranioSacral Therapy, Shamanic Healing or a combination of any of these according to the needs of each individual.

After studying with a Shaman for over six years I have learned that many of the methods I use in healing can be classified under the heading of “Shamanic Healing.”

As a Traditional Dreamer Initiate I am able to access the “dream time” and discover the best methods to help facilitate the healing process of each client.

Time to Reconnect: Lomi Lomi, Ke Ala Hoku

There are many forms of Lomi Lomi. The Hawaiian term Lomi Lomi simply means “to knead or massage.” In the temples of ancient Hawaii, Hawaiian Shaman practiced a unique form of Lomi Lomi known as ‘Ke Ala Hoku,’ meaning "Pathway to the Stars." This form of Hawaiian Temple Bodywork was designed to awaken and enlighten the being within the physical body. It is particularly useful in awakening insight into one’s true calling in life and to provide a space for transformation and receiving visions.

Lomi also means to weave. By weaving light, love and Spirit, it is possible to unweave the unhealthy patterns in the body, unravel old wounds and out-dated belief systems.

Ke Ala Hoku, "Pathway to the Stars," is a specific spiritual tradition of Lomi Lomi. It’s intention is to reawaken the body to its divine connection with Spirit and to release that which prevents the recipient from experiencing themselves in the most authentic sense.

Hawaiian Temple Bodywork, or Lomi Lomi, provides a sacred space of unconditional love and acceptance that allows the client to let go and surrender to the guidance of their own spirit.

My most sincere hope is that after I return from refreshing my own body and spirit- while learning this new and exciting form of healing and bodywork- you will make time for yourself and join me at Peaceful Spirit for your first of many Lomi Lomi sessions.

Reference: Tom Cochran, http://www.sacredlomi.com