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By Katie, LMT
Former Licensed Massage Therapist at Peaceful Spirit Massage and Wellness Centers

We have all heard what the clients get out of receiving massage, but have you ever wondered what the therapists are thinking while giving the massage? Maybe what the therapist themselves are getting out of giving the massage? Yes, it is a rather physical job that the massage therapists do, but it is also very relaxing and rewarding. The therapists here at Peaceful Spirit would like to share some thoughts on what we take away from the massages we give and the people we touch.

Ida, who learned massage from her grandmother when she was little, says that the thing she likes most about being a massage therapist is, " I love to bring people's stress level down. Also, I love knowing that my client will be pain free..." Ida is an amazing therapist, who says "I love to look smart when talking to clients about how massage will benefit their bodies and lives. I also like to use the big muscle names like sternocleidomastoid”. (Which is a muscle in your neck that helps you to turn your head). Ida also loves just being “a therapist”!

Sara, who has been with Peaceful Spirit for seven years, states "working as a massage therapist satisfies both my desire to be of service in the community and my need to work with my hands. This is balanced by the mental stimulation of the constant change and problem solving. Nothing is better then seeing a client improve their current state of health, knowing that you have helped them in this quest!"

Another therapist says, " I feel energized after a massage. I get the joy of facilitating healing. I Share positive caring touch. Each body I work with is an education. I am driven to grow my skills to meet client's needs. When I get massage I get to have the client's experience, not often do you get to step into the shoes of the people you work with. Massage helps keep me healthy, flexible and challenged."

I, Katie, feel so blessed to be able to touch the lives of the people I do. I realize that every person has a different reason for being on my table. Each person is a puzzle that must be figured out. Some people come in for a relaxing massage with no real troubles, and some people come to me with life altering experiences. I touch each person with what I feel their bodies need. The experiences I have gotten out of being a massage therapist are some that I will never lose. I have learned to be more patient, kinder, to listen better, and to touch with my heart along with my hands. In the fast pace world we live in, the beauty of massage is different for each of my clients. I love seeing it on their faces when they get off my table and smile due to less pain, making statements like “I feel like Jello" or being able to move their bodies in ways they haven't been able to in quite a while. The most rewarding experience I have had is seeing the immediate impact on a person's life following a massage when they stand up and can move their arm over their head without pain.

While getting a massage myself, I learn new techniques from my fellow therapists, I learn also how to relax. I learn what my techniques feel like to my clients and I know what is good and what is only so-so. Massage has changed my life for the better and I hope that you have had or someday will have a similar experience!