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Setting The Stage for a Healthy New Year
Alice Adams, M.Ac., L.Ac., RN (Retired)
Acupuncturist at Peaceful Spirit Massage and Wellness Centers

It’s hard to think of this time as “Winter”, as I sit outside on my patio writing on this sunny (72 degree!) day. Yet from the perspective of Chinese Medicine, in Winter we are in the season of Rest and Renewal. Even here in the Southwest desert our warm daytime temperatures quickly drop when the sun goes down and we are still experiencing longer nights and shorter days.

In the Winter, staying warm is very important for our energy and the health of our organs, especially our kidneys and bladder. We can support our health by getting adequate rest, eating warm foods like soups and stews, and avoiding too many raw, cold foods like salads or cold drinks. Practices that are quieter and more contemplative but that also incorporate movement like qi gong, t’ai chi, and walking in nature (if you are dressed warmly) are very beneficial for our bodies, quieting our minds and nourishing our spirits.

Now that the busy-ness of the holidays is past, as we move into this new year (and this new decade!) don’t be impatient. Take the time to build a strong, healthy foundation to take you into the Spring (season of Growth) and into a sustainable future for yourselves, your loved ones, and for the planet.