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We are Tucson's leader in providing Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Chiropractic Care, Stress Management, Wellness Programs and so much more to help people feel better, create ease in their lives relieving their pain and supporting them toward optimum health and function.
Peaceful Spirit has been serving Tucson since 1996!! 
Our mission is to help people find balance in their lives. This path is different for each person, so we are here to help you discover " Your recipe for success" For 20 years we have helped tens of thousands of clients. Our clients choose Peaceful Spirit for: pain relief, stress reduction, improved athletic performance, the correction of sleep problems and, improving energy and focus. Clients come in all shapes, sizes and ages; women, men, teenagers and children. We work with athletes, people with disabilities, those going through treatment for Cancer, Parkinson's, Arthritis to name a few. In addition, we work with companies to reward their employees with on-site chair massage. I invite you to read through our website to discover all we have to offer.
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Mara Concordia,CEO and Owner
Our Hands, Your Peace!
Please Share, thank you!

Please Share, thank you!



I just wanted to let Mara know how appreciative I am of her taking the time to meet with me several months ago. After meeting with her and following her diet recommendations, I had my primary care doctor test me for celiac disease and food allergies, and have found I am severely allergic to wheat. Had I never spoken with her, I may not have thought to have this tested for a very long time (if not ever). I feel a hundred times better, healthier, and happier, and just wanted to express my thanks to Mara for recommending this to me and taking the time to talk with me. Mariah C. 02/02/2016


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